Specialty Gifts

Specialty Gifts

Gift selections from Lady Primrose candles, Lake life home decor, chocolate enthusiast T-shirts, gift baskets filled with our delicious chocolate, and more! 

Lady Primrose

The elegant line of Lady Primrose Candles features an exquisite and sophisticated array of fragrances.



Morkes Chocolates Gift Baskets are a gourmet
assortment of chocolates and gifts that can be personalized with a variety of tastes for your loved one or valued client.

Lake Life

We are proud to be a part of Cedar Lake and celebrate the lake living with custom-made board,s signs, t-shirts,
tumblers and glasses.


Chocolate Expressions

We love to share our passion for chocolate on tumblers, T-shirts, glasses, and more.

Chocolate Molds

We offer a wide variety of chocolate-molded items in all shapes, sizes, and themes. We have so many unique chocolate molds to add to any gifts for children and adults. The only way to describe the wide variety is to come and see for yourself.

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